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Delusions and Denial

Delusions and Denial

You know what it is. You know you’ve experienced it. Maybe. For sure you know lots of other people who suffer from this particular malady. I’m talking about denial. That state of being that isn’t just a river in Egypt. The worst thing about denial is that it is the one mental weakness or deficiency or defect, or whatever you want to call it, that works hard to convince us that it isn’t real, or, at least, doesn’t apply to us. Kind of like the fact that Americans hate Congress but like their own Congressman. It makes no sense, of course, for so many of us to feel that way. But we do. Cause we’re all living in denial.  Denial is all about the stories we tell ourselves until we believe our own bullshit. I was reminded about how powerful a force denial can be when I read the continuation… READ MORE

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