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Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

I just finished Jill Myles’ Mirrorlight, a short story about time travel and uncontrollable lust. Gotta love it. And I love Ms. Myles, aka Jessica Sims, aka Jessica Clare. Talented lady and clearly a little schizophrenic. But I like that in an author. Never gets stale or boring when you get to read completely different kinds of stories with different characters. And sometimes I really like a good short story. Not too much commitment involved and anthologies are a wonderful way to meet and audition new authors. Or spend time with those I know I already enjoy. Like Ms. Clare/Sims/Myles. But, this is not the subject at hand. I know, you are shocked. Today I’m pondering a question raised by Ms. Myles’ story, namely, what do we care enough to fight for? As always, I will speak for myself and hope that you all will tell me how you feel… READ MORE

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