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The Reluctant Goddess

The Reluctant Goddess

I’ve just finished The Reluctant Goddess, the second book in a delightful trilogy by Karen Ranney.  I found this author via a list of funny vampire books with plucky heroines on Facebook a little while ago and decided to give it a try. Let’s hear it for Facebook. This series is a winner. I suspect I’ve hit a mother load because this author is wonderfully prolific. Yippe!  This series, “The Montgomery Chronicles,” tells the story of Marcie Montgomery, a onetime insurance adjuster, who becomes a one-of-a-kind paranormal creature who saves the world, more or less. I don’t want to give too much away, as the majority of the plot revolves around Marcie’s journey of self-discovery as she embraces her transformation and what it means to be a goddess. Marcie’s evolutionary trajectory is entertaining and instructive. At one point, she tells us poignantly that the problem with her life is that… READ MORE

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