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Biology is a Benefit

Biology is a Benefit

Having recently revisited an old favorite, I decided to dive right into a new author and a new series. I first discovered Tima Maria Lacoba on Twitter over the past few months. She is an indie author from the other side of the world and her book, Bloodgifted, is the first in a series about the Dantonville vampires. In Tima’s world, vampirism is a curse and the Brethren, as the vampires are known, are working to achieve the conditions to undo the curse and become human once again (well, at least some of the Brethren share this goal). Another interesting aspect of this world is that the central relationship depicts a mutually beneficial exchange wherein the Bloodgifted is destined to feed her guardian vampire and he is obligated to protect her from other Brethren in return (not to mention that her status confers significant anti-aging benefits as well, so that… READ MORE

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